Changeset [3061b32c83c9fe0c55fa65d091f38c1470ab41b9] by Glen E. Ivey

April 27th, 2010 @ 05:08 PM

Ported tests from specs/obsolete-tests/unit/scope.js. Discovered that our
old expected behavior for the scoping of attribute-assigned event handlers
doesn't match that of Firefox and Chrome (and Safari and IE are just plain
broken). Test as committed here is ambiguous, and will pass against both
the old env.js and Firefox. When env.js is updated, further investigation
of spec should be done, and the test extended to differentiate the two

Committed by Glen E. Ivey

  • A specs/fixtures/scope/attribute.html
  • R specs/obsolete-tests/html/scope.html
  • M specs/fixtures/scope/iframeXa.html
  • M specs/scope/index.html
  • M specs/scope/spec.js
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