Changeset [3bfb8d54e7be60164859b9a66420feaebfcedc01] by thatcher

February 23rd, 2010 @ 07:05 PM

total rewrite of compareDocumentPosition and more make this build significantly faster, and jquery 1.4.1 (less offset.js) are passing 2834 tests and failing 197 (significant number of those failures depend on serverside php). this is last 1.2.x build release before honest tag of release candidates. Very happy about this update.

Committed by thatcher

  • A src/parser/xmlparser.js
  • R src/parser/factory.js
  • R src/parser/function_declarations.js
  • R src/parser/functions_0.js
  • R src/parser/functions_1.js
  • R src/parser/functions_2.js
  • R src/parser/functions_3.js
  • R src/parser/functions_4.js
  • R src/parser/functions_5.js
  • R src/parser/functions_6.js
  • R src/parser/prototypes.js
  • R src/parser/string_declarations.js
  • R src/parser/strings_0.js
  • R src/parser/strings_1.js
  • R src/parser/strings_2.js
  • R src/parser/variable_declarations.js
  • R src/parser/variables_0.js
  • M bin/jquery-1.4.1-test.js
  • M dist/dom.js
  • M dist/env.js
  • M dist/env.rhino.js
  • M dist/html.js
  • M dist/platform/rhino.js
  • M src/dom/node.js
  • M src/html/document.js
  • M src/platform/rhino/xhr.js
  • M test/specs/dom/spec.js
  • M test/specs/qunit.js
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