Changeset [967f150ad24baccfc3ed6dff1be2c1ecc782f8b3] by thatcher

February 22nd, 2010 @ 05:52 AM

found big memory leak, simplified rhino global scope emulation, many small patches. 1.2.x is basically now about where 1.1.rc was functionally, jQuery(.) is causing a bit of a problem if run late in testing cycle because the doc has become so large. time to start hacking on performance to get it faster

Committed by thatcher

  • M bin/jquery-1.4.1-test.js
  • M bin/
  • M dist/css.js
  • M dist/env.js
  • M dist/env.rhino.js
  • M dist/event.js
  • M dist/html.js
  • M dist/parser.js
  • M dist/platform/core.js
  • M dist/platform/rhino.js
  • M dist/timer.js
  • M dist/window.js
  • M dist/xhr.js
  • M src/css/properties.js
  • M src/event/event.js
  • M src/event/eventtarget.js
  • M src/event/keyboardevent.js
  • M src/event/mouseevent.js
  • M src/event/mutationevent.js
  • M src/event/uievent.js
  • M src/html/document.js
  • M src/html/element.js
  • M src/html/table.js
  • M src/html/tbody-thead-tfoot.js
  • M src/html/tr.js
  • M src/parser/domparser.js
  • M src/parser/htmldocument.js
  • M src/platform/core/html.js
  • M src/platform/rhino/html.js
  • M src/platform/rhino/window.js
  • M src/timer/timer.js
  • M src/window/window.js
  • M src/xhr/document.js
  • M src/xhr/xmlhttprequest.js
  • M test/specs/css/spec.js
  • M test/specs/window/spec.js
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